It's About The Audience

When we have a message to tell we often focus heavily on the content of that message. However, if we only focus on what we are saying, we can easily forget to identify how our audience might be feeling, reacting or thinking. 

Knowing how we are causing our audience to feel is a key to creating an effective video.

Obviously, you can't nail the answer to this all the time, but creating good video content requires us to create from the audience's perspective.

Take a look at this:

This TED talk offers insight to the secret of creating content people love. Dao Nguyen explores how people use content to connect and create culture.


Dao is looking specifically at what makes something go viral, however, she highlights important aspects of human psychology. It's these things that we must think about when creating marketing and advertising video.

So when you talk with us about making your next video production, we will be asking about your audience and attempting to jump into their shoes!

What They Say

"We've been impressed by the quality of work and energy level of Indimax. Friendly and enthusiastic with a creative mindset. It's a pleasure to work with the team."


"Whether it be in creative concept, filming or post production, Indimax always keep the customer in mind and deliver a world class product."


"They are not just a warmth and friendly team, but extremely talented in turning an idea into a beautiful and effective video story."

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