Corporate videos are too often created without purpose, direction or concept. It's for this reason that the gem of a marketing and information tool has a bad reputation of being boring or not engaging. Corporate videos are in fact a great opportunity to tell a story, show your companies human side and engage with your audience. Glamorous TV commercials do one thing and that's get attention and drive traffic to a companies website or social media channels but once there the battle isn't over. Discerning consumers want to know what they are buying, who they are buying it from and what separates this product or service from it's competitors. This is where corporate videos are so essential. If I have to troll through pages and pages of text to learn a companies story, or about features of a product I'm going to give up and go elsewhere. However, if an enigmatic corporate video that is of the same quality as the TVC that got me there is playing I will tune in and hear hat it has to say. Which is why ALL corporate videos should have: 


No matter how dull the topic may seem every corporate video has the opportunity to tell a story. Think about what you need to say, why it needs to be said and what created tis need to say what you are saying. Working with the Indimax team we will help draw out the essence of the story behind your agenda, tell the narrative through visuals to coincide with your words and give a complete story from start to finish that keeps your audience engaged with the story of your company, change in process or just introducing your team.

Click the above Image to view Alba Cheese's Story and their entire process of making fine Italian Cheese.


Not everyone is comfortable on camera and that's okay. It's the job of the person on camera to be prepared about what they are going to say but looking relaxed and comfortable is entirely up to the direction of the video. At Indimax Productions we do everything we can to ensure people are rehearsed and prepared to be on camera, create a comfortable friendly atmosphere where mistakes can be made and through friendly direction and tips we make any amateur look like a pro presenter.

Click the above image to view VHHSBA's story about a community meeting to help design the new Footscray Hospital


Think beyond a setup that is jst 3 lights and a camera. Anyone can do that. Create corporate videos in interesting and engaging settings. Great locations that have epic back drops or even hire a studio, set up 5 cameras and play around with some funky lights like we did,

Click the above image to take a look at the studio shoot we created for Deakin Universities business and Law's department getting students to tell their stories.

What They Say

"We've been impressed by the quality of work and energy level of Indimax. Friendly and enthusiastic with a creative mindset. It's a pleasure to work with the team."


"Whether it be in creative concept, filming or post production, Indimax always keep the customer in mind and deliver a world class product."


"They are not just a warmth and friendly team, but extremely talented in turning an idea into a beautiful and effective video story."

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