2020 has been one hell of a year for every individual and every business. Covid 19 and the government restrictions have caused a whirlwind of constantly changing rules and required safety measures.
However frustrating this has been, limitations can often inspire creativity and this is certainly the case for Indimax Productions.

During stage 3 restriction we have continued to film for clients in the essential services industry like Western Health. Below is a great corporate video we created to help celebrate nurse’s week at home.

Creating compelling videos like this is what keeps us going. We love serving our clients, having fun on set and creating something that everyone can be proud of.


As we are now in stage 4 restrictions we are now offering:

·      Essential live streamlining services for Funeral’s etc.

·      Animations

·      Motion Graphics

·      Editing

·      Producing for corporate video productions in other states and countries

·      All Pre-Production

What They Say

"We've been impressed by the quality of work and energy level of Indimax. Friendly and enthusiastic with a creative mindset. It's a pleasure to work with the team."


"Whether it be in creative concept, filming or post production, Indimax always keep the customer in mind and deliver a world class product."


"They are not just a warmth and friendly team, but extremely talented in turning an idea into a beautiful and effective video story."

- krissalle -

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