Covid-19 has had a devastating hit on the video production industry and the broader industry of the arts.
However, we have endeavoured to continue providing video production services for our clients and pivoted to provide some essential services throughout the restrictions. Staff are working from home whenever possible and only coming in for shoots or prepping gear. Below are just some of the services we are continuing to offer.

Live Streaming Pivot

e have increased our live streaming capacities. Investing in gear and training up our team members to provide top tier video streaming services. With this increased capacity we will now be able to cater for various live events that are no longer allowed to operate during Covid-19 restrictions.

Studio shoots

We are making use of our brand new and large studio space. In our studio there is more than enough room for a small crew and client to create product shoots, interview series and much more while still keeping a safe 1.5-meter social distance from one another.

On Location Shoots.

When locations are safe and suitable we are still shooting on location.

Animation and montion graphics

Of course now is a great time to consider an animation project. We have our animation team at home on their computers, voice over artists itching to get into their home voice over booths and producers waiting for your call to bring your ideas to life.

Staying safe

We are staying safe with various measures to ensure, our team, gear and clients are not at risk from spreading the virus. We are quarantining our gear after shoots, wiping down gear prior to shoots, reducing crew sizes when possible and making use of our internal videographers so clients are consistently seeing the same faces. On set and in studio we are always keeping a 1.5 meters of social distance.

We will continue to provide video production services to our clients for as long as it safe for us to do so. With more and more people working from home and consuming content video production companies like Indimax are more essential than ever. Clients need a video production partner to create engaging content that can cut through the noise of social media. Whether you are creating information for essential services, informing your clients about a change in service or just looking to create something awesome we are here to help.

Hope everyone is well and staying safe, let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

What They Say

"We've been impressed by the quality of work and energy level of Indimax. Friendly and enthusiastic with a creative mindset. It's a pleasure to work with the team."


"Whether it be in creative concept, filming or post production, Indimax always keep the customer in mind and deliver a world class product."


"They are not just a warmth and friendly team, but extremely talented in turning an idea into a beautiful and effective video story."

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