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If your company is getting ready to grow or expand, you’re probably looking to hire a new round of employees. As any company grows, the need to add more internal resources is crucial – but those resources don’t start and end with people. If you’re expanding quickly, now is the time to lock down your training processes, to ensure any new hire can quickly and easily understand essential job responsibilities and functions.

Every company trains in different ways, but for the most part, new hires are briefed through human resources, given a packet of information, and then sent to a trainer where they are given a tour and hands-on training approach. While hands-on learning is essential, your employee should also be given a way to understand the job tasks, rules, and specific procedures in a way that makes sense to them and can be referred to later if questions arise.

Why Traditional Training Methods Might be Failing Your Company

Training is stressful for everyone involved, from the trainee to the trainers and other teammates of the new hire. Training sessions are also only as good as your processes and your trainers’ understanding and endorsement of these processes and your company’s values. New hires are not only taking in how to perform their new jobs – they’re also learning a lot about your company in a small amount of time.

While having them work with a trainer can provide solid field experience, many companies have a series of different trainers who might train in different ways, skip over important steps, or find it hard to articulate the logic behind a particular task. This can lead to employee confusion, frustration, and ultimately cause the employee to seek a job elsewhere.

Many companies are beginning to find the value in working with training video production companies in Melbourne, as an alternative means of training. The clarity offered by these training videos for Melbourne companies is priceless and can lead to better growth and employee retention.

Corporate Training Video Production Companies in Melbourne

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