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One of the hardest tasks any employee will ever take on is the act of training a new hire or new person without specific department guidelines on job duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Training can be such a challenging task because it forces the trainer to consider the job functions they are carrying out and why they are doing them in a specific way. This can be particularly tricky for employees who have been doing a job for years, or for all-star employees who are great at working but not at explaining the processes behind their job functions.

Most companies struggle with finding better, more effective ways to train their new employees and to keep them engaged and informed. In addition to training on job specific tasks, training the employee on company-specific rules, culture, or regulations, is also important. If you’re looking for more ways to tighten up your training practices, you might want to consider corporate video production services in Melbourne.

How Training Video Production for Your Melbourne Company Can Improve Employee Knowledge

When it comes to briefing employees, most companies have standard welcome packets, online information, or a company handbook that they send to new hires to welcome them. While all this information is great and probably full of beneficial highlights regarding your company, it can be extremely difficult for new hires to digest, especially in the midst of a career or company change.

A simple way to ensure your new hires take in the functions of their new role is through corporate training video production services for your Melbourne company. Using video, you can combine imagery, audio, and words to effectively brief your new hire on the most relevant information about your company, their role, and their essential job duties. In addition, many people respond to video more favourably than reading material; which can help to ensure that they’ll retain much more of the information from this easy-to-process format.

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At Indimax, we’ve been providing stunning and visually impressive video production services across Melbourne for six years. We’re a team of professionally-driven, creative-minded talent, who can help you better express your overall company values and brand through video assets. Our video production skills in Melbourne are extensive, and we’ve worked with many companies specifically on crafting custom training videos.

We’re also an easy-to-work-with team who is happy to step back and let you take the creative helm, if needed. At the end of the day, what we want most is to tell your story, your way. It’s your satisfaction we’re after, and we work hard to ensure you feel completely confident through every step of the training video production process in Melbourne.

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