Indimax Productions has been creating passionate heart filled corporate videos for over 17 years. Any company can create a talking heads corporate video and that’s why what Indimax Productions goes so many steps further. Indimax prioritises capturing the passion and inspiration behind the story to create a corporate video that truly tells a story. Every video can and should be engaging and that’s what we expect of our corporate videos!

Using cinematic techniques we can create a documentary style and feel to our interviews and B roll. This not only personalizes the video but it also increases the authenticity of the story and the people telling the story.

Not every CEO, Executive or Employee is comfortable in front of a camera and that’s okay. We create comfortable environments where with a little bit of directing from our experienced team anyone will look comfortable, friendly and professional.

Working with hundreds of clients we always create content that is on-brand, following the company’s colours, tone and making use of logos and assets.