Dulux Advert – Creating Mystery for Corporate Video


There is a craft to storytelling, even for corporate and business videos. Take this video advert we made for example. Imagine this appearing on television amongst all the other “same, same” commercials. Suddenly, you are wondering what this ad is for. You find yourself trying to guess which brand it’s about to reveal. You are involved in the commercial, not ignoring it.

Creating mystery is one of the oldest storytelling devices in the book. Mystery draws your audience in. It fosters intrigue and develops curiosity, which in turn, makes your brand more memorable.

Companies can often be risk adverse to mystery. They want things clearly spelt out, or in other words, boring. Customers don’t always want to be given an answer, they like to be told a story, taken on a journey and asked to consider.

We are, what I call, storied beings. We are made up of stories, formed by narrative and we respond to it naturally.

So go on, take the leap, create a video for your business that embraces mystery!

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