December 11, 2014 Amy Dwight

How to be in 3 (or 10 or 20) places at once!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time?  Or wishing you had another one or two of you so you can get everything done?  We’ve all been there!

Just imagine how must faster you could reach your business and lifestyle dreams if you had a bunch of other you’s working hard to help you succeed!

The good news is, it’s actually possible to clone yourself!  It takes a bit of work to replicate yourself, but once you’ve done it you’ll keep working for yourself night and day, even while you sleep…!

No, I’m not talking about some sci-fi cloning technique, I’m talking about using technology to interact with people, talk to clients, sell your products, build your database, conduct market research etc, without YOU actually having to do it.

If you find yourself constantly torn between generating leads, meeting new clients, serving existing clients, and improving your processes and products, then it’s high time you cloned yourself online and put yourself to work!

(If your time management involves robbing Peter to pay Paul, then it’s time to clone yourself!  This is a screen shot from one of my early documentaries…)

The things your clones should be doing for you online are:

  • Lead Generation (I’ve had 3 film and corporate video leads in the last week come and seek me out on LinkedIn alone, and I’m definitely not a LinkedIn specialist or marketer!  If you’re chasing your leads instead of your leads chasing you, then you really need to replicate yourself!)
  • Client education (Why should you be spending your precious time explaining your products and services to prospects face to face when your clone could do it for you before your client even calls?)
  • Initiate sales (You can’t close everyone online, but you can get a percentage of people to make up their minds so strongly that they’re calling you just to ‘do the deal’)
  • Market research / product or service feedback (Get people to tell you what they want / need while you sleep!!!  Your future posts will practically write themselves!)

I’m going to lay out for you 3 keys to replicating yourself effectively, but first lets look at the best places to do it:

  • On social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • On your website
  • On your blog
  • In videos (Which you will use on your social media, your website, and your blog)
  • In content marketing (articles and videos optimised to be ‘found’ by your potential clients and start a relationship with them)

Ho-hum, you say.  Heard-it-all-before, you say.  Sure, but have you actually done it?  Do people actually connect with you and seek you out after ‘meeting’ you through your online presence?

If not, here are 3 simple keys to replicating yourself effectively online:

1. Make it personal!

In the 90s and 2000s, the trend was ‘globalization’.  Everyone wanted the big corporate image, and everyone wanted to deal with big corporates.  Today everyone wants ‘localization’.  We want a personal relationship with service / product providers who ‘get’ us.  Personally.

Even when we’re dealing with a big corporate (like a bank or an insurance company) we still want personal service from someone local who understands us.

(He’s just a big, misunderstood kitty-cat at heart.  A kitty who would happily eat you for dinner, sure, but a kitty non-the-less, and all he ever wanted was a big hug!)

What does this mean for us?  It means we need to stop thinking about our online presence as ‘marketing’ and focus on ‘relationship building’!  Build relationships with people online and they will become your clients.  If you try and ‘sell’ yourself or your products to them they will ignore you and find someone they can relate to instead.

This goes for all of your online presence!  Your facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, your Website, especially your pinterest, and most of all your videos, everything has to be a personal connection between you and them!  Don’t be ‘corporate’, don’t try and impress people, connect with them!

So how do we do that?  How do we create a relationship when all that person is doing is reading our words, looking at pictures we put up, or watching a video we made?

  • Get them thinking about them!

    This is so simple but so few people actually do this!  We think our online presence is our chance to talk all about us and what we do!  That’s just like striking up a conversation with someone and only talking about yourself!!!  It’s boring and it pushes people away instead of creating a relationship with them.

(This is what most people and businesses sound like online!  Don’t be just another ‘me’!)

  • Ask them questions!

    Sure they can’t answer you, but they can answer for themselves and straight away they are thinking about themselves, their opinions, their experiences, their needs, hopes, dreams…

  • Speak in terms of ‘you’ and ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

    Create a sense of open dialogue by asking open questions in an open way.  Be inclusive, work through these questions with your reader.

  • Talk about things that empower people and make them feel good.

    Who have you met that has left you feeling like a special connection had been created in just a few minutes of chatting?  Think of that person and the conversation you had.  I’ll bet that person asked you about you, related to what you were saying, and then affirmed choices that you’d been making and left you feeling better about yourself and your future.  In other words, that person made their conversation all about you and your future.  You can be that special person for others!  You can create that special connection with others just by following those same techniques!

  • Ask them to connect with you (via your newsletter or by ‘liking’ your page or whatever) only after you’ve created a connection!

    Don’t go ‘in for the kill’ too soon!  If you ask before they’re ready you’ll push them away.  Give them time to get used to the idea, and if you do your part right they will be looking for ways to connect before you even mention it.

  • Do it with video!

    I cannot begin to tell you how powerful video is as a tool for creating a personal connection with people!  Like anything else it has to be done properly (and that’s a whole other post that I’m not going to write today!) but a good video leaves a viewer feeling like they know you, they like you, and they trust you.  And from that point on, every time they read something you wrote, they hear it in your voice inside their head.  They see your face speaking to them as they read your advice, and when they finally call you they feel like they are talking to a familiar friend!

In a nutshell, make your clones talk about everyone except themselves, and they will be the most likable version of you!  (No offense intended…)

2.  Make it useful!

There’s a reason why someone is even looking at your page / website / blog / video in the first place.  If that ‘need’ isn’t satisfied quickly, they will go on to look elsewhere.  If you meet that need then you’ve instantly earned huge credibility and given yourself a shot at having this person contact you.

The key here is to give away value every chance you get.  This isn’t as important on your actual ‘pages’, such as your facebook page or your LinkedIn profile, but it’s essential in your posts!  Every status you write, every article, blog post, tweet or picture, give something useful to your target audience every single time!

So what is ‘useful’?  Well that depends…  Only you know what you offer, only you know why people would want to connect with you.  But you need to figure out what that is, and fast!  So here’s a series of questions you can ask yourself to figure out what would be considered ‘useful’ to your target audience on a variety of platforms:

1. What is your core product / service? (the thing you actually make money on)
2. What are the questions / concerns / objections that people have before they will buy?
3. How can you answer those question / concerns / objections in an engaging way that is suitable for your chosen platform! (more on that later)

And then you start posting about those questions and the answers to them.  That’s not to say that this is the only thing you should be posting about, but it’s the backbone of what you do.  It provides value to your target audience, walks them step-by-step closer to doing business with you, and if you do it in a personal way, it builds relationship and trust along the way.

(Make sure what you’re posting is always useful in *some* way… even if it’s just to make people smile.  Always give value!)

What’s this about doing things in a way that is ‘suitable for your chosen platform’?  What does that even mean?  It means that the style someone is looking for on Pinterest is very different to what someone is looking for on LinkedIn!  You need to be clear about what your content is and keep it consistent across platforms, but you need to be willing to change your style, your ‘packaging’ around that content in order to suit the platforms you are using.  Sometimes you will create a long post (like this one) where on other platforms you will break the same content down into bite sized chunks and post it a little bit at a time…

I’m not going to go into detail on the issue of packaging for different platforms, as it’s beyond the scope of what I’m trying to convey here, but if you need specific social media marketing advice then I strongly recommend you get in touch with Rody Bajo of Whisper Media (check him out on LinkedIn here: ) and bring him in for a half or full day strategy session.  He will answer all your questions and leave you with an effective strategy that you can implement and will get results.

One last thing:

Offer useful content that lasts!  The power of doing all of this is that once you’ve created a post, it keeps working for you day and night, potentially forever! If you choose your content carefully, and create it well, then over time you will build up a vast portfolio of other versions of ‘you’ who are out there talking to people all the time!  So don’t be so topical that your content will be useless in a week or a month!  Sure, tackle things that are topical, but tackle them in a way that will still be relevant in a year!  That way the work you put into replicating yourself keeps giving back to you for a long time.

Ok, moving on:

3.  Make it simple!

The number 1 thing you need to do once you’ve made a personal connection and given away lots of really valuable, useful information, is make it really clear what you’d like your reader / viewer to do next!  Make it really simple for them to take the next step by telling them exactly what that next step is!

I said above that it’s really important not to make a ‘call to action’ before you’ve established relationship and given away value, and that absolutely true!  But it’s really important that you do include a call to action!

But here’s the key, don’t try to ‘close’ the deal on the spot!  Make the call to action something that is easy, a ‘low commitment’ action.  Things like ‘liking’ your page, ‘connecting’ on LinkedIn, ‘Following’ on Twitter, these are all non-scary easy to do things, and if you’ve established a little bit of relationship, and given away a little bit of value for free, then it’s easy for people to go ahead and take that next, small step.

You can encourage people to email or call you, but don’t pressure people to do that, and always give them the ‘easier’ option of liking your page etc.  If you’re doing your job well then sooner or later they will call or email you without you having to pressure them!  And when they do they will already feel they have a relationship with you and feel that they trust you, even though this might be the first time you’ve ever heard that they exist!

And here’s the bonus:

Some people will contact you with questions, comment on your blog or social media posts, criticise or even argue with you… this is free market research!  The comments and questions you get become the subjects of future posts!  Once you get started, your readers will tell you what you should talk about next!  You will always know what your readers would find ‘useful’, because they are asking you to talk to them!  Your blog posts, status updates, and video scripts will pretty much write themselves as you write answers to peoples questions!

To sum it all up:

If you’re not getting leads from your online presence then you’re missing out and it doesn’t have to be that way.  It may seem like hard work right now, but putting in the effort to strategically develop your online presence pays off in the long run!  You’ll end up with dozens of versions of you, all active and awake 24/7, ready to talk to prospects, educate clients, and through their comments, questions and feedback, conducting market research on your behalf!

Cultivate your online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms as appropriate, and especially do it with video!  Stick at it for 6 months or more and you’ll find the ‘other’ versions of you start doing the heavy-lifting in your business, leaving you with more time to work on the business instead of in it.

Your dream business / lifestyle doesn’t have to be a dream.  You can achieve it, and replicating yourself and putting digital versions of you to work is a powerful way of super-charging your growth, leveraging your time, and eventually causing your business to grow by itself.

If you’ve found this post useful, please spread it by giving it a ‘like’, feel free to comment with any questions, and feel free to send me a connection request on LinkedIn.  I believe in the power of networking so I won’t turn you down!  And finally, if you know you should be using video to build your business and need some expert help, send me a message and lets talk.

Kind regards,
Chris Field.
Producer, Indimax Productions.