March 6, 2015 Amy Dwight

Indimax are the first to use the new Panasonic VariCam!


Indimax are always pushing the envelope when it comes to telling beautiful stories, but you already knew that.  What you might not have known is that we’re also pushing the envelope with the latest and greatest technology!

Panasonic selected Indimax as their production company of choice to use their brand new cinema camera the ‘VariCam 4K’ before the camera had even launched in Australia!

Writer / Director Amy Dwight and Steadycam Operator Warren Tiedgen prepare for a take while filming ‘The Colour of Eden’.

The results were spectacular and you can see a cut-down version of the film on Ch7 on Easter Sunday 2015! (check local guides)

When you have Indimax on your side, you can rest assured not only of the best creativity and story-telling expertise, but also exceptional technical skills and cutting-edge equipment too.

That’s why Panasonic selected us, and that’s why they used clips from ‘The Colour of Eden’ during their official product launch in Sydney:

You can see our logo in the top left corner of the screen as the technicians make their final ‘pre-event’ checks


















And just for fun, here’s a Behind the Scenes shot of… the clapper, as seen in the editing suite.  We’ll show you more soon!  We promise!