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Why Study Business & Law Course at Deakin?

Working with Indimax Productions to film your on camera interview means that you are working with an experienced director who knows how to make presenters feel comfortable, confident and poised.

Getting in front of a camera and presenting is much like public speaking. It’s not a skill that comes naturally to everyone but it can be developed. Whether you are an experienced CEO or an employee working on the front line; we can all use a bit of direction to make sure we stay on message and are presenting confidently and naturally. When all these elements are just right a video is engaging, comfortable to watch and tells a great story.


The Process: From Farm to Table

Our tricks of the trade don’t end on a set; our editors will then trim up audio and cut around any fumbles you may have made on the day. We get rid of umm’s and ahh’s to make sure you sound succinct, professional and prepared.

We love to tell stories and the interview is the foundation that we craft our stories around so we make sure we get it right. We have a team who are well versed in documentary style filmmaking, and in ensuring that we set the right mood and get what we need. That’s what we do for our clients.

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Indimax Productions can provide comprehensive full-form video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies throughout Australia, creating content that engages nation-wide audiences. We have networks with local crews throughout the country to capture video, and we will organise and manage all the coordination for you. So get in touch with us today!

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You can be assured you have the most professional video and photography production team who understands your budget and time requirements.

We can provide and cater to various video and photography styles, and animation formats.

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