October 16, 2017 Amy Dwight




What is pre production for corporate video?

Pre production is often a stage of corporate video production that gets forgotten about. Companies are always contacting us and asking for a video to be made. The conversation goes something like this:

BUSINESS: Hi, I’d like a video to be made for our internal communications.

INDIMAX: Sure, and what’s the purpose of the video?

BUSINESS: We need to interview about five of our staff about their experience of working here.

INDIMAX: Great. We can do that. But what’s the purpose of the video?


The conversation goes on… Once the purpose is almost nailed down, we can move on.

INDIMAX: So when are you needing this to happen?

BUSINESS: We need to film next week because we have to show the video at our conference the following week.

INDIMAX: Okay, so have you arranged the staff and do you know how you want to prepare them to speak on camera?

BUSINESS: If you could just come and on the day we will pull some staff out to speak and then you can just get some “around the office” footage to go with their interviews.




This is an all too familiar conversation. It takes thorough preparation and good thought about how your video will take an audience on a journey. How you will hold their attention and how your message will be made clear.  There are many elements that go into making an effective video and pre production is where these elements are put together. Without it, it’s like building a house without plans. You might wing it, but when you are spending money, who wants to risk that?!


Pre production is vital to the success of your video and you need to hire a company who understands its importance and can walk you through the right questions and steps toward creating a successful corporate video.

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