March 4, 2015 Amy Dwight

Three secrets of a compelling Intro Video.

Every professional, consultant, or SME needs an intro video on their website. No surprises there. But how do you make sure your intro video is actually good?

More importantly, how do you make sure your intro video is effective at increasing retention and conversion of website visitors into active inquiries?

By using 3 simple but vital secrets of the Intro Video.

Secret #1: Do not introduce yourself.

That’s right, the first secret to an intro video that works is to not introduce yourself… at least not till the end of the video.

Nearly every time I watch someone’s intro video (unless they were coached by me) they start by telling me their name, the name of the company they work for, and in most cases they also give me a quick list of the services they offer.

Bad start.

Believe it or not, your viewer doesn’t care about your name or the company you work for! Your viewer isn’t interested in you… they’re interested in themselves!

People watch intro videos because they have a problem or a need, and you have 10 seconds, maybe less, to make them believe you might be the right person to help them with that need. So don’t waste time! Get right to the heart of the problem they are facing and you’ll have their attention from the very start.

When I coach professionals for their personal intro videos, I insist that they begin by speaking directly to their target markets needs. That requires them to know their target market, and to know why they would be watching the video in the first place. You can’t speak to people’s needs if you don’t know who they are or what they want. And if you don’t know who is watching or why, then you’re not ready to make an intro video! You have some much more fundamental work to do first!

Give your name at the end of your intro video as part of your call to action. That is when your audience is actually interested. If they’ve watched to the end, they want your name and number / email address. If you start with those ‘data points’, you risk boring your viewer before you actually start to address their needs.

Secret #2: Get and keep their attention by making a promise.

At any point in time your viewer is only about 5 seconds away from getting bored and clicking elsewhere. This means you need to not only be giving good information, but the most interesting information to your viewer at exactly that moment. This is why it’s so important to make the most of every second of your intro video and to use a tried and proven structure that will keep your viewer interested!

Making a promise to your viewer gives them a compelling reason to keep watching. The biggest challenge your video faces (besides getting viewers in the first place) is keeping viewers all the way to the end. Knowing what it is that your viewer needs and giving them a personal promise that you can give it to them is a pretty sure-fire way to get and keep someone’s attention.

The best structure for your intro video has 4 parts:

  • ‘The Hook’. Introduce the ‘problem’ or the ‘dream’ which your viewers will identify with and you can fix or help them achieve.
  • ‘The Promise’. Promise to fix it or help them achieve it! Attach yourself to their ideal outcome.
  • ‘The Substance’. Now that you have their attention you can talk a little bit about yourself and how great you are. Your qualifications, your experience, your skills. Make them believe your promise.
  • ‘The Call to Action’. Tell your viewer to get in touch with you so you can fix their problem for them.

And all of that happens in 60 seconds… 90 at the most.

The right video structure not only gets and keeps their attention, but it leads them step by step to the point where they pick up the phone and call you, or send you an email.

A truly great intro video doesn’t just introduce you via video, it gives you the chance to introduce yourself in person because your viewer calls you to make an appointment.

Secret #3: Speak to the camera the way you would speak to an ideal client.

We’ve all seen intro videos where the person on screen seemed nervous or even scared of the camera! It doesn’t leave a great first impression! So what if you know you need an intro video, but you’re not confident that you can perform on camera?

If that’s you, I have good news. Camera presentation skills can be learned like anything else.

The first and most important thing to know about camera presentation is that there is no camera. Yes yes I know, now I sound like the kid in The Matrix. But really, think about it, you’re not talking to a camera at all, you’re talking to the person who watches the video. You’re talking to a human being, the camera is just the tool you’re using to reach that person. So forget about the camera altogether!

When you look down the lens and speak, picture yourself standing in front of your ideal client and being given the opportunity to introduce yourself to them. Think about how you would say things in that real-world context, and then do exactly that to the camera. Be warm, be friendly, be professional and most definitely be yourself.

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