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Top Five of 2018

Jonathan Weir
January 8, 2019

Five highlights from 2018

It's About the Audience

Indimax Productions
June 6, 2018

When we have a message to tell we often focus heavily on the content of that message. However, if we only focus on what we are saying, we can easily forget to identify how our audience might be feeling, reacting or thinking. And this, is the key to creating an effective video.

Changing Lives

Indimax Productions
June 6, 2018

The Starlight Foundation changes the lives of so many children and their families. We were stoked to be a part of capturing this story.

Top 6 Tips For Video Interviews

Indimax Productions
June 6, 2018

Video Interview Tips. Preparing you for, "lights, camera, action".

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