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Most companies have a unique origin story, whether it focuses on a founder’s background, the conception for the company’s start, or an ingenious idea that happened to set the company in motion. No matter what the reasons are for founding the company, each story is distinct and can set seemingly like-minded companies apart from one another. A company’s values, culture, and core beliefs also help to distinguish this unique quality.

It can be difficult, in words, to fully explain a company’s founding, how a startup began, and all of the interesting and amusing anecdotes that occurred along the way. While these memories make for great stories, they do not always translate correctly from verbal storytelling to online print media. Some stories just need to be told.

With the enhancements of technology and new forms of media springing up every day, a new way for a business to tell their story is through a corporate video company. Corporate video companies work with businesses to create compelling videos that better allow them to explain who the company is, how they got started, and why they continue to do whatever it is that they do, daily.

Corporate Video Companies and New Media

Successful video blogging platforms like YouTube have made videos pretty standard online. Now, instead of reading a blog, you can go online and watch a vlog (video blog) instead. This switch from print to visual and audio media is indicative of the types of media audiences want to see. Corporate video and even marketing companies have noticed this success and have helped their clients come up with creative and interesting corporate videos, as opposed to traditional corporate print messages.

Indimax Productions – Creating High-Quality Corporate Videos

One of the best ways to ensure a successful video is by partnering with a reputable, high-end corporate video production company. Trusted companies, like Indimax Productions, can help your video campaign or message to spread quickly, making more of an impact than print media. Indimax Productions focuses much of their video production time shooting high-end videos. At Indimax Productions, videos are made to tell engaging stories that interest people and to reach wider audiences.

Every corporate video is also completely tailored to every company’s existing marketing plan and will blend seamlessly in with their brand, culture, and expectations. If you already have a creative direction you would like to go in, Indimax Productions can leave you in charge of creation while merely producing. Of course, if you do not have a specific idea in mind, Indimax can help you create a successful message.

If your company has been hoping to do something above and beyond typical company printed origin stories, consider partnering with Indimax Productions to create a high-quality video that will wow potential clients. To get started on your corporate video or to learn more about Indimax Productions and their experience, log on to

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