Agency level creativity at a fraction of the price.

From full scale TV commercials, corporate videos, branding content, training, promotional to live streaming, and more – we do it all. We can tell your story through the power of video using various media to bring out the best in your brand, your product, or your event, to add authenticity to who you are. We aim to inspire and captivate with the work we do, before we start a project. 

We offer two rounds of feedback for every step in the process on the style frame, storyboard, script and animation. Extra rounds of feedback can also be negotiated beyond two if your approval process requires so.


We have a 4 tiered pricing package system. Our quotes are also not set in stone, as we will work with you to determine what your ideas need. Each production is different, and that means we can find the right price for you within our range.

Starter Package

We will walk you from concept to scale-up and beyond. If you’re new to video this value pack is great to get you on your way.

Mid range Package

Built around your need for quality video production & animation without ongoing commitment.  Ideal for promotional content.

High PRoduction

Use our resources for several video projects or that one flashy video you’re after. We’ll help you build a bespoke customer journey.

extensive Packages

Perfect for long-term video content and series. Have the flexibility to use across several projects, depending on your desire.


Get individual services for less than our package costs. This is great when you only need one service from us, such as filming some footage, or a quick video edit. Each cost is broken down from within our 4 tiered pricing packages. We have 4 basic categories of services. Let us know if you need something that falls outside this rough range. We will work with you to get a customised service.


Producing Per Project

Admin Per Project

Consulting Per Project

Consulting Per Hour


Production (equipment and crew) Per Day

Production (equipment and crew) Per Half Day

Crew Per Day/Hour

Equipment Per Day


Video Editing Per Day

Video Editing Per Hour

Photo Editing Per Day

Photo Editing Per Hour


Motion Graphics

Animation Per 30 Seconds

Sound / Music

Visual Assets (eg WebGL)


Indimax Productions can provide comprehensive full-form video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies throughout Australia, creating content that engages nation-wide audiences. We have networks with local crews throughout the country to capture video, and we will organise and manage all the coordination for you.

CLIENTS who have worked with us

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The most professional video and photography production team who understands your budget and time requirements.

We can provide and cater to various video and photography styles, and animation formats.

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We are your specialists in video and photography visual production.