Indimax Productions is a Melbourne-based leader in video production.

We offer agency-level creativity at video production prices. We tell your story through the power of video using various media to bring out the best in your brand, your product, or your event, to add authenticity to who you are.

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The corporate culture

Your brand is your company’s statement, and Indimax Productions understand the importance of making videos that demonstrate your ethics, your product and your services.

  • We listen to the brief and brand statement you deliver.
  • We understand you have a budget and a deadline to meet.
  • We ensure that you can measure the success of your video.


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The Creative Side

We bring our artistic talents to think outside the square. We give you something that’s different, eye-popping and solves the problem you have connecting your brand with your audience.

  • We bring out the power of story to get your message to your audience.
  • We use a wide range of cinematic techniques and equipment, to suit your style, such as animation and drone footage, to tell your story authentically.
  • We draw all the elements of sound, video, art department, location, lighting, casting, wardrobe and character together to make your business look world class.

the money Side

At Indimax Productions, we believe all companies should benefit from quality video production. We work like an agency, producing inspiring, educational and entertaining videos, without the agency prices. Going directly through us, instead of an agency, you can save thousands of dollars in production fees.

  • We work within your budget to deliver a finished product without hidden costs.
  • We have over 20 years in experience.
  • We can adapt to your time constraints.
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Archiving FOR THE future

Our archive system allows us to access your past footage at any point, showing the journey of your company’s success and progression. We care about the work we have put into creating your videos, so we keep the footage safe for you to use at a later date.

  • No extra costs for archiving raw footage.
  • Stored digitally for future use.
  • We care about looking after what’s important to you