In Memorial Live Streaming & Webcasting Service

The life memorial team is now offering live streaming of funeral services. Our videographers will stream the video directly to a private web link. This is the best way to keep loved ones involved in the celebration of a loved one’s life who are unable to attend the funeral.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the live stream?
We simply upload the video to a Vimeo link which will be sent out prior to the funeral. Viewers can either watch the event live or later at their own discretion.

What are the benefits of a live stream?
Live streams remove the barrier life can create so that anybody can celebrate the life of a loved one. Whether someone is overseas, in quarantine, or simply unable to attend a service if live-streamed the service is available both at the time of the event and stays online to allow people to view the service at a later time. Live streaming services can save overseas family members thousands of dollars and time in traveling costs.

How would others know that the webcast is available?
The only details that need to be passed on are the link (and password if you choose to make the link password protected). This link should then be sent around to anyone who wishes to view the link and we highly recommend advertising the link in the newspaper when funeral details are advertised.

Can we have a private webcast?
Yes, we have options for the link to be public, private, or password protected. As a default, we have our links set as private.

How long is the webcast recording available to view?
The live stream will remain online for at least 1 month or until the family advises that they would like it taken down. We also have options for providing the video of the service on DVD or USB Drives.

Can I leave a message as a tribute?
Yes, you can leave comments on the video which will appear instantaneously below the video.

How do I book a webcast?
Get in touch with Indimax Productions and ask about using the life memorial team.
Phone: 1300 302 448
email: [email protected]