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Short form video content experience for over 17 years.

Indimax works on capturing the passion and inspiration behind the story to create videos that truly inspires.

Using cinematic techniques we can create a strongly storied video, or use documentary style and feel to our projects. We have worked on short form content from a variety of places, including but not limited to web content, short films, music videos, and trailers. Depending on your budget, we can scale up or scale down.



End-to-end production services.
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Script development.
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Full production services.

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Indimax Productions

2022 Music Video Showreel

Music Videos

You know music. We know video. Together, we can make one beautiful partnership. Nothing is as exciting as the visual stimuli of an artist’s mind. Music videos can often reach millions (if not billions!) of people, so if you’re looking for exposure to the industry, then this is where you start.

Because of our extensive gear, camera equipment and services, we can create whatever world you want, or help you capture one already existing. Share your musical vision with the world. Craft the image you want for your artistry. We have worked with various artists from all musical genres, and we can help isolate music video trends or help you create a new one. Let’s get you out there and show the world what you have to offer! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we provide funding for projects?
Indimax Productions is a production company, which means we work with you on a service basis. We therefore do not provide funding for projects. We will work with you if our budgets and expectations align.

How do I book a meeting?
Get in touch with us and pitch us your budget and script! 


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Indimax Productions can provide comprehensive full-form video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies throughout Australia, creating content that engages nation-wide audiences. We have networks with local crews throughout the country to capture video, and we will organise and manage all the coordination for you.

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We can provide and cater to various video and photography styles, and animation formats.

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