We created a video for Alba Cheese to elevate their brand at international trade shows

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Alba Cheese approached us to create a video that they could take to international trade shows about what their products offer, and what sets them apart from other cheese manufacturers.

We couldn’t talk about Gippsland, as most international buyers wouldn’t know about Gippsland, so we created a video that brings out the happiness of cows in green grass, the passion behind the staff making the cheese and the lengths they go to deliver the cheese with a feeling of freshness.

We filmed across three days. We told the Alba Cheese story, the workings of the farm and the beauty of the pastures in the late afternoon sun, the milk being transported to the factory for processing, the various processes, from milk to cheese to packaging, to the truck on the Bolte Bridge at 3am taking the shipment to the docks.

We used drone footage to capture the extent of the journey the cheese goes through to get it from farm to table. We used music to build the success in creating a product that makes them all proud.

We loved bringing out the authenticity of the employees and the love for the company.

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