We created video content to attract donors for Monash Children’s Hospital

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Indimax Productions have been working with the Monash Children’s Hospital every year to bring the Dandelion Wishes Gala together. Each year gets bigger and better, with more families involved. The Gala is usually held each year at Crown Casino as a big-ticket event hosted by Channel 9 broadcasters.

We created a series of videos for Monash Children’s Hospital to screen at the Gala, to encourage donations. The videos featured emotional stories about patients and their families, and showed the importance of having up-to-date hospital equipment in the fight to save children’s lives.

The use of cinematic elements show the emotion, courage and story of each family, to attract the donations needed for the fundraiser. We delicately extract their individual story that encompasses the diagnosis, the rollercoaster emotional ride, the lifestyle they needed to give up to be there for their child, the exhaustion, the hospital visits, the recovery and the joy in seeing their child enjoying life, and how the hospital nurtured them throughout the journey.

On the night, we produced a highlights reel, which was used to celebrate the night, but also attract ticket sales as a promotion for the next year’s event.

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