How we helped Deakin University to attract students to their business and law degrees

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Deakin University approached us for an advertisement, requiring students to give testimonials about why they love studying at Deakin. We harnessed the fun and energy of the university through the power of their students and brought it to life through video.

We designed a set in our Port Melbourne studio, using light and custom-made over-sized bouncy balls to bring some fun to Deakin’s image. Our multi-camera approach allowed us to bring their story together through the students’ words and the vitality of the moving image.

Over the two-day shoot, we used real students with real life aspirations and a passion for education to highlight the benefits of studying at Deakin.

The Q&A approach highlighted the different stages of the students’ stories, from setting goals, to choosing a university that offered practical applications, to taking advantage of Deakin’s wide range of programs that allowed them to specialise in future careers. The use of silhouettes shows the audience that anyone can study at Deakin – it’s not about wealth, race, colour, sex, religion or status.

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