Experience the Adrenaline of the Southern80 Water-Ski Race with Indimax Productions

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Get ready to rev your engines, because Indimax Productions is here to take you on a wild ride! We recently had the honour of covering the annual Southern80 Water-Ski race in Echuca, and let us tell you, it was a thrill from start to finish!

With record-breaking numbers of spectators and heart-stopping races, it was an event you definitely didn’t want to miss. And lucky for you, we’ve got all the juicy details right here. So buckle up and join us on this unforgettable journey!

We were so excited to be invited back again this year, and boy did we have a blast! There were so many thrilling races and events to capture on camera, and we made sure to bring our A-game and cutting-edge equipment to make sure we got it all.

We set up a Skylink system at the start line, 20km down the river, to make sure our live stream was crystal clear. And we even brought in the amazing folks from Harpy Film to provide some epic drone camera footage of the start and finish lines. Talk about a bird’s-eye view!

Throughout the event, we made sure to keep things lively and engaging for our viewers. We had our awesome commentators, Dave ‘Bisho’ Bishop and Eddie Bostjancic, on hand to keep everyone entertained and informed. And we even had a “Roving Murph” segment where we interviewed spectators and racing teams around Victoria Park. It was so cool to get an insider’s view of the race!

On the final day of the event, we were up at the crack of dawn to make sure everything was in place and running smoothly. We had to place our Skylink transmitter above the trees on a boom lift to get a solid connection over the 80km distance. It was quite the feat, but we managed to pull it off with ease!

The final race was a sight to behold, with the powerful boats speeding down the river and leaving a trail of spray in their wake. We had our cameras rolling non-stop, and we managed to capture every heart-stopping moment!

All in all, it was an absolute triumph of an event. We had so much fun capturing all the action, and we were thrilled to see such a huge turnout of spectators. And the fact that our live stream sold over 900 tickets to people all around the world? Well, that just cements our position as one of the leading live-streaming companies in Australia!