Both Animated videos have no limits to what can be created. So, if you have a crazy idea chances are it will best be created as animated video production.

However, creating something from nothing is not at all easy. Luckily you are in safe, experienced and skilled hands. Working with the talented Animation Artists and Producers at Indimax Production’s Port Melbourne studio, we will work with you from end to end. Guiding, advising and creating your project keeping everything on brief, budget and time.

How do we get started?

The first step is to give the Producers at Indimax Productions a call or drop us an email. From there we will set up a meeting either in person, over the phone or via zoom. This meeting will be all about capturing/creating the vision for your animation. The meeting will create a comprehensive brief that will be used to guide the production process and set the productions budget.

From this brief our Animation Artists will create a style frame to ensure the colours, drawing style and characters are matching expectations, branding and most importantly what was in your imagination. Once approved a complete storyboard and script is then created that will then guide the voice over artists and Animation.

Finally, all the pieces are assembled together with some royalty-free music and made available for you to download and promote.

Can I give feedback throughout the process?

Of course, We offer two rounds of feedback for every step in the process on the style frame, storyboard, script and animation. Extra rounds of feedback can also be negotiated beyond two if your approval process requires so.

What kinds of Animated Video Projects can Indimax Productions create?

Indimax Productions has the resources, industry connections and experience to produce any level of animated video project.

Previously we have created 2D animations, 3D animations, 3D renders, Explainer Animations, Animated Training Videos, Whiteboard Animations and Motion Graphics.

These popular animations have benefitted our clients in the Health Industry, government sectors, Education and private industry.

Below is a bit more detail about each type of Animated Video Production.

2D Animation

2D animations are one of the most versatile and used tools in the cooperate video world.
2D animations are a cost and time-effective way to create your next explainer video, training video or internal/ external communication video.
2D animations can include white-board animations, character-based narratives or text-based animations.

Below are a few examples of our past 2D animated stories we created for our clients.

Money Valley Transportation animation

Western Health Anti Bullying animation series

Headspace animation


3D Animation

Of course, some ideas and concept require the 3rd dimension. 3D animations are the next step towards making characters and objects life-like. There is no limit to how realistic a 3D animation can be. For past clients we have created high concept 3D renders showing every component and feature of their latest product, 3D animated characters and 3D mapping featuring buildings and architectural designs coming to life.

Animated Explainer and Training Videos

If you have a lot of information to deliver and explain the biggest challenge is keeping engagement and retention of your message. Creating engaging and non-boring explainer and training videos is something we love to do. We have limitless trick of the trade to achieve this including creating charming or cute characters to deliver information, Flashy motion graphic overlays, story-telling or just sharp, economic animation that has a fast and minimalist pace.

CIC Technology Explainer Animation

Mooney Valley – Don’t feed the ducks explainer animation

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics give text the power to make a large impact. Whether you are looking for an overlay for broadcast, want to give your logo some life, need to make an announcement, or just overlay titles Indimax Productions motion graphic experts will know just how to make them pop. Here Is a short teaser to show just a little of what we can do.

Motion Graphics teaser

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No matter what your animation project is we are keen to hear about it! Give us a call or send us an email so our producers can set up a meeting to start working on the next steps together.