PetroGas and Pacific Petroleum’s New Fuel Card Explainer: A Video That Exceeded Expectations

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As a producer at Indimax Productions, I had the pleasure of working on a project that truly exceeded expectations.

PetroGas and Pacific Petroleum joined forces in 2022 to release a new product, and they enlisted our team to produce an explainer video for their fuel cards.

The video was already completed before I started working at Indimax, but it left a lasting impression on our clients. The production value was top-notch, featuring solid performances from actors and a professional execution that left clients and filmmakers alike dreaming of such quality.

Months after the video was delivered, we received feedback from PetroGas, and it was nothing short of glowing. The video had been shared on multiple platforms, including the PetroGas website, internally with stakeholders, and over social media and video-sharing platforms like YouTube. To our surprise, the video exceeded our client’s expectations, garnering four times as many views as predicted.

This astounding achievement is a testament to Indimax’s ability to produce videos that are not only informative but also a pleasure to watch. The hard work and professionalism of our crew on the shoot and our production team directly contributed to the quality of the final product, resulting in the success of the marketing campaign.

At Indimax, we pride ourselves on producing videos that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. The PetroGas and Pacific Petroleum fuel card explainer is a prime example of our commitment to high production value, solid performances, and professional execution. It’s no surprise that the video has become a staple in our portfolio, demonstrating the quality of work that Indimax Productions can deliver.