Top 5 Reasons Why Video Marketing can help Elevate your Business

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Video marketing is a must for your business. It’s the most popular content in social media, growing at 30% year over year. And video converts better than any other marketing medium – up to 90% more viewers complete your goal by watching the full video, compared to just reading text.

Video has changed the way people consume content online. It’s no longer about using videos to illustrate or explain content—it’s about building and sending messages that cut through the noise. 

Here are our top five reasons video marketing can help your business and why you should get on with video today.

1. Videos build trust

Video is powerful because it searches deep within the human psyche and connects with people on an emotional level. By building likability, trust and credibility you are more likely to capture your target audience’s attention and win a new customer over.

Additionally, Video is a powerful medium for your brand personality to shine through to consumers. When you can create an engaging and informative video that aligns with the values of your business, it builds trust in potential customers. The more they see and connect with your business, the more likely they are to buy from you.

2. Better Search Engine Rankings

When it comes to getting your business in front of clients, nothing beats video. Search engines love video — so much so that a website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. What’s even better? Videos are one of the few pieces of content that engage viewers. That makes them much more likely to stay on your site — giving you a better chance at sales! And it gets better: YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine (owned by Google) so relevant videos are favored by Google in their search results.

3. Engage your target audience

Video has been proven to drive engagement more than any other type of marketing medium. Your audience will engage longer with video, so they’re more likely to consume content longer.

Creating content that resonates with your target audience is a critical factor for success. The more accurate you are in understanding who your customers are and what they’re looking for as a result of engaging your target audience, the more you’ll see results. 

Video is the best thing on social media since cat videos. They’re easier to share, more likely to be shared, and get you more exposure for your business.

4. Get a better understanding of your audience’s behaviour

Track Potential Buyer Consumption Patterns. Video metrics also have grown to include real-time analytics that allows you to track how your video is performing. As viewers watch a video you can determine how long they’re watching, what areas they are skipping, and where they are re-watching.

With this data, you can easily determine which topics resonate with your audience and what areas need improvement. Improve video quality that will resonate with your ideal audience.

5. Boost conversions

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but an engaging video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. This is because it means the customer doesn’t have to spend time searching for information. It’s all presented to them in an organized, succinct manner. All they need to do is take that final step over the line and make their purchase

Make your business irresistible with a high-quality video that highlights the best of your company and what makes you stand out. Drive qualified leads to your website and increase your sales conversions.


Video is a highly effective marketing tool. Social platforms are endorsing video as the fastest-growing method to reach your target audience. Customers are more engaged and make better decisions when they see people in action, live, or on video. The most successful companies use video to tell their story in an engaging way that captures attention, educates, and inspires action. 

Video advertising is a great way to create those messages and reach your target audience, by reaching them on their preferred platform in the places they’re already doing business with you.

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