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Create a digital presence that will grow your brand.

Beginning-to-end video production and photography services, or bring to the table with a niche need for one service only.

We understand your business, brand and marketing strategy, and will be creating video content for your audience. Our team of experts will leave you in good hands. We work with you to best suit your working hours, and location needs – we’ve worked with international companies because we are adaptable! 


As artists, we bring our storytelling experience, learned over years of creating TV, Film & Documentary Video Content, to every project.

We are your video production and photography service provider and film company specialising in concept development, production and other services. We produce high-quality videos, branded films and photography services that connect you with your audience. That’s why we have so many returning clients!

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Mel / Icons / USP / Ideas Copy


We ideate and create content and campaigns across corporate, government, travel, e-commerce, live events and more! Come to us for beginning-to-end production, or for one service only.

Mel / Icons / USP / Time Copy


We have produced for nearly every platform, with a high benchmark for quality content. Our team come with all manner of expertise. We can package a video for you with multiple options for various platforms!

Combined Shape


We have an in-house team of experts who are able to turn an idea, into footage, then finally into an amazing piece that you will want to share with your friends, colleagues and audiences!

Indimax Productions


We ideate and create content and campaigns across corporate, government, travel, e-commerce, live events and more! We have content from 3-second gifs to international clients and TVCs. We have produced for nearly every platform, with a high quality benchmark for quality content.

  • Strategy
  • Script
  • Creative Direction
  • Call to Action


Ask us how you can get the most out of your ideas! We will manage the liaising and coordination of talent required for your projects. We work with clients to make sure there are no stones left unturned in the pre-production process. This is the time to get all your ducks in a row!

  • Location coordination
  • Casting and external talent management
  • Hiring External Crew Members
  • Hiring Stylists, Hair and Makeup, Catering etc
The Wonder of Living - Series


Come to us for beginning-to-end production, or bring to the table with a niche need for video content only. We produce content from engaging TVCs, branded video content, social media content, business video production, corporate video, promotional, educational, narrative films, and more.

  • TVCs
  • Explainer Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Motion Store Windows and Motion billboards and more!


We have an in-house team of experts who are able to turn raw footage into an amazing piece that you will want to share with your friends, colleagues and audiences. We can fully package a video for you, with multiple options for various platforms.

  • Music Licencing and Sound Mixing
  • Colour Grading
  • Video and Photo Editing
  • Delivery of Files in Any Format

Agency level creativity at a fraction of the price.

Win more clients with video marketing. 

From full scale TV commercials, corporate videos, branding content, training, promotional to live streaming, and more – we do it all. We can tell your story through the power of video using various media to bring out the best in your brand, your product, or your event, to add authenticity to who you are. We aim to inspire and captivate with the work we do, before we start a project. 

We offer two rounds of feedback for every step in the process on the style frame, storyboard, script and animation. Extra rounds of feedback can also be negotiated beyond two if your approval process requires so.

Western Health

Sunshine Hospital

Corporate Video

We are experts in taking your brand identity and creating a short video that encapsulates its story. These videos can be optimised for your website, for social media, or for an upcoming event or conference.

  • Come to us with a concept and we will help develop it.
  • We assist with scriptwriting, to ensure you get the most out of the final product.
  • Teleprompter services at our disposal.
  • Tell your brand’s story through the power of video.


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Youth Early Psychosis


Indimax Productions is one of the best animation studios in Melbourne, producing 2D and 3D animations designed for your target audience. Animation and motion graphics can add a fresh feel to your brand, while bringing a new look to your corporate identity.

  • Award-winning digital animation and design.
  • 2D or 3D video animation.
  • We use animation to tell your story in an intriguing and informative way.


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Indimax Productions

2022 Music Video Showreel


We know the importance of visual spectacle in bringing your music to the world. The surefire way to launch off with a bang is through the power of video and drive your creative work home.

  • Share your musical vision with the world.
  • Craft the image you want for your artistry.
  • We have worked with various artists from all musical genres. 
  • We can help isolate music video trends, or help you create a new one.


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We work with clients to make sure we maximise your projects in a strategic and intentional way. We understand the importance of a thumbnail, and that a picture speaks a thousand words! In today’s age of video content, we want to ensure that your videos can be repurposed, and that any image from the video can be utilised.

  • Photo Editing
  • Video Stills
  • Campaign Photography
  • Content Photography


The best-looking and sharpest sounding content.

Find the best video for your company.

Your favourite TV shows and movies look and sound amazing because of their expensive toys and gadgets. We are one of the few production houses in Melbourne that own this equipment, and we are employed on a regular basis for commercials, television and movie productions, precisely because we own, and operate this sort of heavy machinery.

We can be a tight-knit one-man crew shooter if necessary, but we also love taking on big projects where we can show off our production!


The Process: From Farm to Table

Drone and Crane Work

If you want your videos to look like a Hollywood production, we are one of the leading video production houses in Melbourne who use drone, jibs and cranes. Our licenced operators have over 10 years of experience in high-end cinematography to take your corporate brand video production to the next level.

  • Highly experienced drone and jib/crane operators.
  • Get film production services at video production prices.
  • We shoot videos using quality multi-camera angles.


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Glen Dimplex

The Kitchen Appliance Showroom

Studio and On Location

Whether it’s shooting out on location, or in our Port Melbourne studio, we can tailor a video production package to directly suit your needs. We have worked with crews of all sizes, including but not limited to: directors, vision switchers, camera operators, jib/crane operators, gimbal/steadicam operators, sound mixers and recordists.

  • Single or multi-camera set-ups.
  • World class production and post-production studios.
  • Teleprompter services at our disposal.
  • We organise all required permits and logistics for on-location filming.


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Epilepsy Foundation

Purple Day TVC

Green Screen Studio

Our state-of-the-art green screen studio and purpose-built interactive blue screen bar are some of the best facilities in Melbourne. Our pre-rigged lighting set-up enables us to put you anywhere in the world with the magic of technology and an experienced technician. The studio can be used to market your brand, present an award, film a commercial, or create an event.

  • Green screen technology that can place you anywhere in the world.
  • Perfect for commercial and television production.
  • Teleprompter services at our disposal.
  • State-of-the-art facilities in Melbourne.


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Indimax Productions

2022 Live Event Showreel

Livestream and Webcasting

For presentations, training or large events, we are specialists in webcasting and live streaming. Our webcasting service allows your audience to see you in real time, when outside circumstances prevent them from attending in person.

  • Take your live stream or webcast all over the world.
  • Present with a full production crew behind you.
  • We work with you to best suit your working hours and location needs.
  • Remote Capture, Instagram Live, Facebook Live and Tik Tok Streaming, Runway Capture, Live Runway Capture and more!


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City scape of Melbourne


Indimax Productions can provide comprehensive full-form video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies throughout Australia, creating content that engages nation-wide audiences. We have networks with local crews throughout the country to capture video, and we will organise and manage all the coordination for you.

CLIENTS who have worked with us

2780+ Videos. 30+ Awards. 19+ Years.

The most professional video and photography production team who understands your budget and time requirements.

We can provide and cater to various video and photography styles, and animation formats.

Marketing. Branding. Explaining. Teaching.

We are your specialists in video and photography visual production.